A Letter To Roger Goodell From A Patriots Fan

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Dear Roger Goodell,

Congratulations.  You’ve officially completed the biggest witch hunt in the history of professional sports.  You’ve proven that you have the power do whatever the hell you want to satisfy your massive ego, no matter how unjust it might be.

You showed us that you can drag the greatest quarterback of all-time through the mud because of some alleged equipment violation and force him to miss a quarter of the season.  Meanwhile, you hand down one-game suspensions to guys who lead the cops on high-speed chases while smoking blunts with children and weapons in the car.

You claim to be protecting the integrity of the league, but everyone with half a brain knows that’s complete and utter bullshit.  The integrity of the league went out the window the moment Greg Hardy got the same punishment as Brady for beating the shit out of his girlfriend, throwing her on a bed full of assault rifles, and threatening to kill her.  You are implying that PSI’s in a football are as serious an offense as domestic abuse, running from the police, and endangering the lives of children.  And for that, Mr. Goodell, you are a fucking piece of shit.

The only people supporting you at this point are the same people who claim the Patriots should have asterisks next to all their Super Bowls.  Those aren’t even real football fans, they’re mouth breathers who are mad that their favorite team has gone through 20 different quarterbacks in the last decade.

But you don’t care.  You did what you set out to do.  You handed Tom Brady a suspension for doing something that no one could prove he actually did.  The evidence was inconclusive and science proved you wrong, but you stuck to your guns until you showed everyone just how much of an asshole you really are.

But I have some bad news for you.  You didn’t do enough.  Despite the four-game suspension, the Patriots are still favorites to win the Super Bowl.

Am I confident that Jimmy Garappolo will be solid in the first four weeks of the season?  No.  I don’t see how anyone could say that based on the limited sample size that we’ve seen.  But I’m confident that it doesn’t fucking matter.  Even if the Pats go 0-4, you are going to see the most pissed off, well-rested Tom Brady you’ve ever witnessed in your years as NFL dictator commissioner.  I promise it will haunt your dreams.

As with any aging NFL player, Brady’s biggest issue as he’s gotten older is failing to play his best football throughout the playoffs after the wear and tear of a 16-game regular season.  Thanks to this inexplicable suspension, you’ve added both rest and revenge to Brady’s already endless list of reasons to make sure you have to hand him the Lombardi trophy on February 5th in Houston.  I speak for everyone in Pats Nation when I say that we absolutely can’t wait for that day.

So while you can enjoy your small victory, it’s important you understand that you haven’t really accomplished much at all.  You’ve created far more problems than you’ve solved you’ve started a whirlwind of confusion when it comes to setting the precedent for future suspensions.  Is hitting women still okay?  Would you be more forgiving if Tom had just knocked out Giselle in an elevator and dragged her limp body on camera instead?

Again, I know you don’t care.  You’re just a cold, heartless, spineless, power-hungry egomaniac with an extreme inferiority complex.  No one who is as insecure as you should ever be placed in a position of such power, but here you are pulling strings and ruining the most popular sport in America so you can feel significant.  Twenty years from now, Tom Brady will still be one of the greatest football players ever.  You’ll just be the prick who did everything in his power to try to ruin that for him but couldn’t succeed.  You’re a joke Goodell.  See you in February.


A Patriots Fan


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85 thoughts on “A Letter To Roger Goodell From A Patriots Fan

  1. Thank for your well-written truth-telling! I would love it if Garappolo (sp.?) has some great plays. I hope all the Patriots are fighting mad beginning with Game One!

    1. Thank you! I could not have named that prick better myself! He acts like he owns the teams himself!

  2. So happy to see so many fans and writers to add their feelings about Roger Goodell.

    I’ve been a staunch fan since I first saw the Patriot’s play at Harvard’s Stadium. A long

    time ago. They have added a lot of happiness and fun to my life. Have never missed a

    game. I am now 80 years old and still can’t wait until the season starts. I love Tom

    Brady as well. And….now Gronk. Adds a lot of smiles.

  3. Goodell, you might have won the battle, but the WAR is yet to begin!! As Patriots fans we all are 1!! We will all stick together with Tom Brady and the whole Patriots team. Why do you ask, cause WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!! We will see who gets the last laugh Goodell, and it sure the HELL isn’t going to be you!!! Walk around with your head held high now Goodell, cause when the Patriots win the Superbowl and you have to hand that trophy to Tom Brady, your head will be so low!!! See ya when Football season starts. NOT!!! #PATRIOTSFAN4EVER!!

    1. The court ruled get over it Patriots fans .Sorry but your boy Brady does not walk on water . I’ve dropped my cell phone and broken it too . I usually go to the store pick out a new one and then somehow the technicians are able to restore all my imfo to the new phone .How come Brady drops his and all the imformation is lost forever ? That in itself makes him look guilty as hell .

      1. Larry, “makes him look guilty”. What world do you live in that warrants a 4 game suspension. Unreal

      2. Sorry, I am not a football fan but had to respond . I dropped my cellphone and lost all the info on it. If the motherboard breaks you are done except for info that was synced somewhere. Being the Luddite that I am I lost all pics, texts, and memos. It pays to know how to back things up…..

      3. Larry, somehow you conveniently forget the fact that Brady TURNED OVER ALL HIS TEXTS TO THE LEAGUE! Not to mention he turned over e-mails to them as well. Besides, on top of that (1) Wells said he DIDN’T NEED the phone, (2) Wells said (at first) that Brady was very cooperative, (3) they had all the communication between Brady and Jastremski/McNally from THEIR phones, so there’s that too. Then (4) you forget that Tom Brady TESTIFIED UNDER OATH at his appeal hearing in June 2015. Do you REALLY think he would put his freedom and career on the line by not telling the truth, again, UNDER OATH!?! Then there’s (5) THE NFL Management Council, specifically Roger Goodell, LIED about what Tom Brady said during that appeal hearing, which we know because Judge Berman made that transcript public record last summer. And (6), Paul Clement told the same lie to the Second Circuit, then lied about telling that lie. Oh and then there’s the fact that (7) it was Troy Vincent whose name was on the original suspension letter to Brady, which in and of itself is a CBA violation. And perhaps most importantly is this; (8) Pash editing the Wells Report and not being allowed to testify.

        1. Nice job Will…in my best Bobby Valentine voice….we all know Larry is just another Patriots hater who watches his favorite team get their ass beaten by us every year….it’s not Larry’s fault that he’s no Tom Brady… Bahahaha…..

      4. Let’s make something crystal clear.
        1: Tom Brady Will miss 4 games due to the appeals court to uphold Rodger Goodell’s right to oppose the penalty.
        2: It did not affirm that the penalty it’self was right.
        3: The penalty for a mere misdemeanor turned into a Federal Case

      5. The court only ruled twice. First time the judge threw the case out, insufficient evidence coupled with absolutely no due process. On appeal, second judge ruled, not on the evidence, but on whether Goodell can do WHATEVER he wants, REGARDLESS of evidence, granting no due process. On THAT point It was ruled that YES, Goodell, as the NFL commissioner was granted complete autonomy over NFL cases. He is judge, jury and executioner. THAT is what the court decided. It had NOTHING to do with Toms phone. And Goodells ego got in his way, that’s ALL he cared about!

  4. Well said!!! Being a Boston fan we have never been afraid of losing or having patience in waiting for our team’s luck to turn around to win a championship!! Too bad the same couldn’t have been said for those other owners who put their butt boy Goodell up to setting Brady & Mr Kraft up. Well boys you did it. Hope you’re prepared for the consequences!! You have no idea what you’ve unleashed!! Dumbasses!!!

  5. Goodell, You payed off the refs last season in the AFC game to have your HGH favorite Manning make it to the SB, your doing nothing to punish that Browns player who posted that disgusting I sis photo,where a employee would be fired for,your a incompetent commissioner who should not be in the NFL,YOUR A BULLY,

  6. We have long known how flawed our legal system is and they are as much to blame as what’s his name because even presented with the scientific evidence that it was weather that was a cause for the “deflated” balls…..which if they didn’t look at the score of that game should be advised the scored more points with the “regular” balls. Nothing mattered to Goodell except the hurt Tom Brady and the Patriots and it may have if it were not for the fact the the Patriots and their fans are strong….very strong and you are going to find out this fall just how strong both are.

  7. Thank you for a wise and well thought out letter. Tom Brady was found innocent by the courts. Are you so above the law that your opinion stands higher than a judge. No matter what you say or write, we Patriot fan stand solidly behind and beside our quarterback, Tom Brady. I believe he will prove once again that he is the most incredible quarterback of all time. Tom we stand behind and beside you.

    1. Tom Brady was found innocent by the courts? WTF are you talking about? The courts never delved in to his guilt or innocence. It was about whether Goodell had the power to suspend Brady for the violation and if he had followed the “rules” regarding notification of potential punishment.

      “One of Berman’s key points is that Brady did not receive the proper advance notice to be disciplined by the NFL and information of the kind of penalties he could receive.”

      The Berman ruling was overturned by a 3 judge panel finding that Goodell had all the rights necessary to suspend Brady —- no investigation into guilt/innocence.

      Great QB? No doubt but he got caught cheating. His choice.

      1. Nice!!! You have the nerve to berate a person for saying that he was proven inocent, and how the ruling had nothing to do with guil or inocense yet, you end your tirade with: “Great QB? No doubt but he got caught cheating. His choice.” You still accusing him of something that was proven to be FALSE!! Uneffing believable!!!

  8. Roger Goodell you are a big asshole and dosh bag. Tom Brady is the best and greatest QB IN THE WORLD AND NATION. You need to be fired for your fuck up and you don’t seem to give a rats ass about domestic violence that is in the league. I am Loud and Proud to be a Dieheart Patriots fan. PATRIOTS ARE THE BEST AND GREATEST TEAM IN THE WORLD AND NATION PLUS WE ARE CHAMPIONS

  9. People need to get a life. Seriously, if the NFL is that high on your list of priorities to write a letter Goodell is never going to read, you really have your priorities in the wrong place.

    But hey, this is the same loser fan base that protested outside of Gillette on a holiday. Fakest fan base in the whole country. Don’t believe me, watch how the fans are in about 5 years when the team is rebuilding.

    1. I didn’t just write a letter to write a letter. I know he’s not gonna read it. This was just a different concept for an article for my sports blog. Didn’t expect it to blow up like it did. So don’t tell me to get a life. This is part of my life. I write about sports.

      1. Well don’t act so butt hurt over the whole thing. Some of your comparisons are just nonsense. They are outright crimes in society and punished by the judicial system in society. Other things, like cheating in a sport or trying to or betting on sports, are not crimes in society but mean a lot to the sports in which they occur. Pete Rose was banned from HoF consideration for life for betting on baseball —- not a crime. Brady or someone acting on his behalf deflated those footballs and no manipulation of the ideal gas law will change that fact. Some balls didn’t experience the same change in PSI that other did yet they were in the same ambient temps? Sorry doesn’t fly. Tossing your cell phone because —- you always do —– even when you know it’s likely to be asked for during the upcoming investigation? Right.

        This makes the NE and Boston fans look like a bunch of deniers in the face of facts. Are they that way about climate change as well?


    3. John from Boston = a Faux God. John seems to have a corner on the market of what are acceptable priorities. Geez, for someone who thinks NFL isn’t high on the list of priorities why the heck is John, aka God evening reading this and commenting, shouldn’t John be somewhere else paying attention to HIS priorities like orchestrating miracles or something like that.
      Fake fan base? OMG, you are a wannabe Bostonian because you obviously don’t know just how tight and true that Fan base really is..

  10. Get over it Pats fans , everything that team has accomplished is tainted by the teams troubles and the perception that they cheat …. don’t blame the commish on this Brady and Pats tried to challenge the power given him by the league, I’m not saying Brady had advantage for what happened but when they got caught , admit truth and move on … he tried Watergate Cover up and lost … quit ur crying ….

    1. Amen. It isn’t whether or not you could have won without cheating or even if it was of any benefit. It was the act of trying to cheat the system. Then lying about it, throwing away the cell phone etc. Take your lumps and move on. Your denial act is making you look a lot worse. And Mr Kraft should just stay quiet about whose character he stands by. After the Aaron Hernandez thing, just be quiet old fella.

    2. The point that everyone that is happy that Brady got ‘Nailed’ missed is at the end of the day is that now Goodell can suspend any player on any team for the slightest infraction with no justification. Your guy isn’t wearing matching socks, 2 game suspension if he wants and there is not thing 1 your guy can do. So good luck if Goodell decides to throw the book at your crappy team some day.

      Can argue science with the Pats haters. It like arguing gun control with a libtard. Don’t listen to fact, stats, science, etc.

  11. This Pats fan is so right!!! I just love this guy, I wish I knew his name! This is by far THE BEST letter I have ever read, THANKS for sharing!

  12. The court ruled get over it Patriots fans .Sorry but your boy Brady does not walk on water . I’ve dropped my cell phone and broken it too . I usually go to the store pick out a new one and then somehow the technicians are able to restore all my imfo to the new phone .How come Brady drops his and all the imformation is lost forever ? That in itself makes him look guilty as hell .

    1. Brady and his lawyer gave the league a copy of all his texts and emails directly from his cell phone carrier. There was nothing in them about any of this nonsense. You all seem to pick and choose your reference points instead of all the evidence.

  13. Whether Goodel is an idiot and Brady is the best ever QB if he did it he should be punished. If he didn’t he shouldn’t be punished. If we all say everybody does it doesn’t make it right. If Brady did it he got caught. Brady doesn’t need to cheat. He is that good. If Brady is innocent he should continue to fight to clear his name. He has the entire Patriot nation behind hm. He never should have conceded. If he is innocent he should have stood his ground for ever how long it took.

    1. CLEARLY you never met any NY fan. Crybabies?? Not so much buddy. Proud BOSTONIANS Yes!!! We call bullshit and really don’t care what everyone else thinks it’s call PRIDE dickwad

    2. Wrong! Integrity is what you have seen.. Tom took it all the way as any person should do when the truth is made into a lie.
      INTEGRITY!!! Look it up.

  14. You make very valid points about the punishment in comparison, ones I agree with. However, Brady did cheat and it’s as simple as this. His equipment managers job is to do exactly what Brady wants done. If in fact “the deflator”, who we know beyond a doubt took balls against the rules away from the refs locker and did ‘something’ with them, did this against Bradys wishes, the Pats wouldn’t be trying to get him reinstated. If Tom’s text messages to him following the incident had read something to the effect of ‘what the hell are you doing?’ then he would have had no reason to destroy the evidence. It would have cleared him without doubt. But that’s not what happened. Be angry at Goodwill for over punishing, absolutely, but Brady is guilty.

    1. No, Mark, Brady is NOT guilty. Scientists the world over have agreed that NOBODY was guilty of deflating the balls. This was a frame job from the start, and the NFL lied about it from start to finish, and got away with it. The only one who cheated is the commissioner and his minions.

  15. Love it. Thank you for writing this letter. Couldn’t have said it better myself. Watch out NFL when the Tom comes back!

  16. Fuck y’all Brady an the patiots cheated and y’all are pissed off cuz they got caught.Good Job Goodell and Brady is not the best QB he’s a cheating coward

  17. I agree your nothing but a big pieace of shit, I think your jelouse of Tom Brady you big cry baby. I hope someone kicks you in the balls and in flate yours the size of an elephants balls. You mother fucking scumbag pieace of dog shit. Go hang yourself. Or drop dead even better.

  18. Amen….couldn’t have said it any better!!! Thank you!!! Goodall is every rotten thing you said and more.

  19. Goodell Doesn’t have the balls he was born with so that’s a fact! We need to THANK MEN like Judge Berman for it’s those hard working good Judges that see things for what they are! Imagine this shit! Guess what America we better wake the fuck up now or it will be to late. Domestic abuse, drugs, and crazy meatheads like that no balls piece of shit Roger Goodell running us out of this great country we call home! Tom Brady THANK YOU for being TOM BRADY THE BEST QUARTERBACK EVER!

  20. Remember when George Brett put too much pine tar on his bat and the League suspended him for 46 games, fined the Royals $1M and took away one of the top prospects in their farm system?

    Neither do I.

    If the Patriots make it to the Super Bowl, they should refuse to participate in all media events (particularly with that worthless network ESPN).

    And if they win, just grab the Lombardi, refuse to pose with Goodell, not make any speeches, walk off the stage, fly back and celebrate HERE at Gillette.

    1. Hey a hole. What was the score when they found the infraction? What was the final? 7-7. 42-7. Give us all a break :-/

  21. Hey LM why don’t you eat a bag of dix. This is about Goodell handing down a bigger suspension than he gave that sack of garbage Rice for PUNCHING AND KNOCKING HIS GIRLFRIEND CLEAN OUT. And the other thugs that give this game a bad name. Deflated balls? Give me a friggin break. This was and is a witch hunt plain and simple.
    The rules clearly state tampering with equipment is a “1” game suspension and $25,000 fine. Loss of 1st round draft pick.
    If he in fact did the crime (and there’s NO evidence he did) then by all means he’s gotta do the time.
    So, b4 you go calling us cry babies, let’s see what kind of whining you fags will do when something like this happens too your team and I’m guessing your a weak assed Jets fan

  22. And Mr. Goodell, I will avoid using ANY product advertised during any of the NFL games.

  23. A friend of mine wrote this on FB and it’s a perfect parody of a typical asshole Pats fan…

    Whateva bro. Dude, Jimmy G is gonna go 4-0 and throw at least 20 tds. Brady will come back, and he’s gonna be pissed bro, and throw for 75 more tds and go 12-0. Then we’ll get 10 first roundas for Jimmy because Brady is neva gonna retiya and because every other team is stoopid.

  24. This lame attempt by this guy is typical of him. He stuck to his ridiculous guns on th i s to prove how “tough’ he imagines himself to be!
    Next he will have the league check the thickness of the shoulder pad to see if they comply!

  25. ok as a fan i think that roger goodell needs a lot of ******* after his name if he goes into any type of any type

  26. Dear Stupid Pats Fans,

    I have never seen anything so pathetic than what I have seen since 2001. You people claim you care about integrity or have pride but will defend cheaters and rule breakers. At what point do you look at Bill Belichick and Tom Brady and realize that since they have been together they have the most rule violations in the history of the NFL the most fines due to cheating also the most lost draft picks in NFL history due to cheating. The Patriots and Tom Brady have gotten of light yet again for cheating. Rule 17 of the NFL rule book states they could have made them replay the game or even make them forfeit the win to the Colts due to cheating during a game. Instead Kraft’s buddy Goodell just gives them another slap on the wrist. Patriots are pure violators of rules and have zero respect for the integrity of the sport. NO WAY IN ANY SPORT WOULD A CHEATER BE THE BEST EVER TO PLAY, and in no way would a real fan of any sport defend a cheater even if it was on their team. MLB even bans players from the HOF for less than what Brady and Belichick have done. Get over it your team cheats and constantly gets caught doing so but only gets little punishments. Yet you have the audacity to claim you were singled out because you win games while cheating?? Where is the logic in that? We are tired of hearing you defending cheaters and crying that you have been screwed in some way… The only people that have been screwed are the teams that play fair against cheaters and real fans of the sport that do not tolerate cheating in any fashion.


    Real Fans of Sports and Integrity.

    1. There was nothing but an accusation of cheating. The Wells report had NO evidence of cheating other than saying that they could have cheated. They even admitted that they had no evidence. They tried to seal the sworn testimony when it didn’t help them. Once this was let out to the public, it showed exactly how the league operates. SLimy owners were jealous that all of their money couldn’t just buy a championship. They had to ruin a team and player who represented the best of the NFL to gain an advantage so they could beat the Patriots even though it wasn’t on the field. You should do a better job of reading through the report, and make a better decision based on fact instead of spewing what is obviously a poor example of a sad unhappy fan of another team hoping that this will affect the Pats next season. Please explain which of the other teams in the league have not cheated in one form or another to win. The list is quite long. You are living in a fantasy land. The slimy commish may have hurt the Pats in the short term, but history will show that he has been a loose cannon from the start, and has done serious harm to a once great leage. What this investigation has shown is that the commisioner can destroy a player or team with nothing but an accusation. That should scare everyone. What is more scary to me is that there are so many fans of other teams that cannot see what has happened here.

    2. And you support Trump because he is just a “regular” guy and says it like it is, while Hillary is a criminal and a liar. Yeah, we get it lol

    3. So, you really believe that crap you just wrote??? Gee, it must be tough trying to pretend that you believe what Godell did was right. This has been a witch hunt from the beginning. Why hasn’t anyone gone after Aaron Rodgers for over pumping his footballs, as he has admitted???? A golden child I guess. Your ridiculous post only proves how jealous the rest of you losers are because we have the greatest quarterback who has ever played football on our New England team. Spew your hate, we will just sit back and watch when Tom comes back and makes fools of all of you haters. NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS 2016-2017 SUPER BOWL CHAMPS. Eat your hearts out!!!!!!!!!

  27. I live in Massachusett, but am not a Pars fan, Giants fan, but that was a well written letter. Very true and to the point. Roger GODELL should not be allowed to rule like a dictator. And the amount of money he makes is absurd. Time to ditch Godell.

  28. Someone should tell the Commissioner that if he is really trying to protect the integrity
    of the league he should not be allowing DRAFT KINGS to sponsor any program related to the NFL!!! Gambling on the game is illegal and Draft Kings promotes gambling! Like it or not the Commissioner is sending mixed signals (no pun intended) to the fans!

  29. Brady was punished because he, like the Patriots, are a bunch of stinking cheaters! Suck wind, Cheatriots fans. Face up to what you want to hide from, BRADY and BELICHEK, BIGGEST CHEATERS IN NFL HISTORY!



  30. Doesn’t anyone remember that the rule says that the punishment is a ONE GAME SUSPENSION and a $25,000 fine!!! So how can Goodgrief Goodell justify giving Brady a FOUR GAME SUSPENSION when he damn well knew what the rule was and he had no right to change it!!! Remember he said the whole thing would be over in TWO WEEKS???!!! Well, here we are in the middle of July, 2016 and Herr Goodell still does not get it that HE BROKE THE RULE OF THE PUNISHMENT ACCORDING TO THE NFL PLAYERS UNION!!! Further more, he was not supposed to be allowed to be the arbitrator, seeing that he is not a LAWYER, and would obviously be biased!! I am sorry that Tom Brady has given up his quest for justice. However, the NFL Players Union is NOT GIVING UP!!! They do not want THE DICK…Oops…I mean DICTATOR, GOODELL to think he can change the punishments any time he wants to!! All the other owners should think hard about kicking him out the door before he starts punishing every team for something stupid like having a shoelace come undone!!! Also, and this really bothers me, when “Deflategate” was all over the news & media, I saw an interview with Aaron Rodgers & he said that he likes his footballs OVER-INFLATED!!! Now why wasn’t he investigated & punished with a FOUR GAME SUSPENSION??? COME ON, GOODELL, EXPLAIN THIS ONE, IF YOU DARE!!!

  31. I’m sorry everyone, I was just trying to get some autographed gear to sell on eBay.
    – The Deflator

    PS – I wasn’t really going to blow them up like Rugby balls, that was just an empty threat.

  32. Have to remember this is not the first time this team has been accused of and found guilty of cheating. It’s a reputation thing….

  33. Well written. This is all an attempt to keep the other 31’s butthurt fans from stopping watching the nflie until TB retires, thereby enabling them to compete again. It’s the big lie, and it will come back to haunt him. I will personally throw a huge party Feb 5 and see ream with Joy watching that worm Goodell hand Tom the trophy. And I’m sure Mr. Kraft will have TB co-accept it. C’mon Feb!!!!!!

  34. There was nothing but an accusation of cheating. The Wells report had NO evidence of cheating other than saying that they could have cheated. They even admitted that they had no evidence. They tried to seal the sworn testimony when it didn’t help them. Once this was let out to the public, it showed exactly how the league operates. SLimy owners were jealous that all of their money couldn’t just buy a championship. They had to ruin a team and player who represented the best of the NFL to gain an advantage so they could beat the Patriots even though it wasn’t on the field. The slimy commish may have hurt the Pats in the short term, but history will show that he has been a loose cannon from the start, and has done serious harm to a once great leage. What this investigation has shown is that the commisioner can destroy a player or team with nothing but an accusation. That should scare everyone. What is more scary to me is that there are so many fans of other teams that cannot see what has happened here.

  35. You may have won the war but we will win the battle!! Bank on it!
    See you in February fuckhead Godell!!

  36. Would anyone care to wager the odds that in his remaining tenure Mr. Integrity never again steps foot in Foxboro?

  37. Please send that original letter again to goddell. Sign my name to it…. Donna Castro

  38. So well put. And one more thing to add. He’s actually making 30+ mil a year. R u F…ing serious!

  39. What a great letter you wrote to the big asshole in football. Never liked Goodell but hate him now.Your day will come asshole,what goes around comes around. Brady will be rested & we’ll start 4 & 0,suck that.Nobody can ever prove Brady did something wrong but loser you win this one. So cheap just cause you don’t like him Goodell.
    LOSER to say the least.

  40. This was an apparent attempt by Goodell to achieve league parity as he thinks the,Pats will loose the four games where Brady is out! Feeble try but it just won’t work. I want to see you show up at a Pats game this season, Goodell you scumbag !!!!!

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