Aaron Hernandez Dancing Around An Hour Before Killing Someone

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I continue to be fascinated by Aaron Hernandez.  That’s probably a bad choice of words because it seems like I’m glorifying him but I’m not.  I understand that he’s a piece of shit murderer, but it’s hard not to be intrigued by his story.  It blows my mind that someone this psychotic and stupid was able to make himself seem relatively normal for so long, fooling so many people along the way.  Not just any people either, really smart people.  People like Tom Brady and Tim Tebow.  The type of people who always say the right things in interviews, who always stay out of trouble, and who seem like they would be pretty good judges of character.  Aaron Hernandez somehow convinced those people that he was an okay person even after he killed a guy for spilling a drink on him in a club.  It’s unbelievable when you think about it.  That a person could live such an extreme double life and still act sane when they needed to.

Then you see videos like this one and it all makes sense.  Aaron Hernandez just does not give a fuck.  Look at how relaxed he is knowing that he’s about to kill someone.  Murdering people is nothing to him, so it’s no mystery why he was able to just go about his business on the football field.  You would think he would have such a guilty conscience that he wouldn’t be able to move on with his life in a normal manner, but Aaron Hernandez doesn’t have a conscience at all.  PCP is a hell of a drug.

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