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Okay so we are in this awkward part of the year where the Red Sox are the only team still playing in Boston. This is so unusual to me I do not even know how to react. Either way, I cannot deny that this weekend is chalk full of some great events. First off, the Red Sox kick off their series against the Yankees tonight and can finish them out by Sunday. Am I scared, you ask? Of course not. Yes, our pitching is a bit lack-lester… I mean lackluster! I hate when that happens. But even today Larry Lucchino, President and CEO of the Red Sox says they have back up plans on back up plans regarding the starting rotation. First off, the Paw Sox starting rotation is actually straight fire.Brian Johnson now has a .86 ERA and Eduardo Rodriguez has a steady 1.96. Granted, they are still very young and I can’t say they will succeed on the big league level, but that is a back up plan if I’ve ever seen one. The second back up plan, which I am more on board with, is to get “the guy”. “The guy” could be any star pitcher who can get through six innings every night. I remember back in 2004 when we had Pedro, Schilling, and Lowe in rotation for the playoffs and it was gold. Even a hard throwing pitcher like Derek Lowe would be so clutch for this team right now because they need the leadership in the bullpen.

So I know I’ll be watching the Sox, but there are just a few sporting events that will draw attention from Vegas this weekend. The Kentucky Derby is happening which means I will be an expert on horse racing for the one day out of the year I need to. It’s all about the best colors and the childhood lucky numbers. Never loses. Also the odds help a bit too so that is my advice to you “oh hell I’ll throw money on a horse even though I know nothing about horse racing” types.

Next we have the Pacquiao – Mayweather fight. This is another sport that I usually don’t feel the need to watch but I actually am so giddy for this fight. I am team Pacquiao because Mayweather is kind of a scumbag and Pacquiao wanted this fight to happen years ago. That would have been a bit more exciting if they were both in their primes but I can defend this fight by saying almost all of the Rocky movies were about him out of his prime and those were all great fights. Seriously, I loved those Rocky movies and it has always been a mystery to me why we haven’t had this kind of prize fight happen in our generation.

Most of my day is spent watching highlights of either Tom Brady, Big Papi, Larry Bird, Stephen Curry, and Paul Pierce, but you would be surprised how much I watch about Muhumad Ali. That guy was a legend in the ring and I would do shameful things to get to watch him fight in his prime. So what I’m saying is this has got to be a great fight so I can tell my kids about it. If there is a knockout in the first three rounds I will actually be disappointed. Late round Knockout by Manny – final prediction.

Lastly, the Patriots welcomed Defensive Tackle, Malcolm Brown to the greatest organization on earth last night. You’re welcome Malcolm. Malcolm. I love that name. Heros are named Malcolm. And Butler. Hey that’s my name!! But honestly, Brown was a steal by the Patriots. We were all sad to see Vince Wilfork leave this year but I don’t think we could have a better rookie replacement. Seriously, this man out of Texas is a young Vince and I can’t wait to see what he can do for this defense. Everyone’s trying to tell me how deadly the Jets defense will be this year. Yeah I can see them picking it up a bit, but come on, you are in the AFC East. Just go through the motions and we can all get excited about your team again next year at the draft. Leave the playoffs to New England.

Is this Vince?
Or is this Vince?

Pierson Butler

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