Bill Belichick’s tenure in New England appears to be nearing its end

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There have been far more highs than lows over the course of Bill Belichick’s 23 years in New England, but it appears the good times have run out.  What we’ve seen over the past couple weeks has been beyond anyone’s wildest imagination.  After Tom Brady left, the idea was that the Patriots would undoubtedly regress, but would always manage to be competitive (at least around .500).

I certainly won’t go as far as to say that Belichick was never a great coach and only succeeded because he had the greatest quarterback of all-time, but at this point it’s evident who was more responsible for the Patriots’ dynasty.

Before 2001 came around, the Patriots were a historically garbage franchise.  Still, they never once lost by at least 34 points in consecutive weeks.  I could go on forever pulling up mind-blowing stats about just how bad things have gotten, but I’ll leave you with this one: Mac Jones has now thrown four pick sixes at Gillette Stadium, tying Tom Brady’s career total in 140 less games.  Incredible.

There is obviously a lot more football to be played this year, but there is absolutely zero indication that this team will “figure things out” to the point that they can avoid being one of the bottom-feeders of the NFL.  With the injuries to Matt Judon and Christian Gonzalez, you’d be hard-pressed to find a less talented roster across the league.

This, of course, is directly the fault of Bill Belichick.  As ineffective as he appears to be on the sidelines lately, his work as General Manager has been far worse and is largely the reason we’re in this position.  At this point, he’s bringing nothing positive to the table while continuing to act miserable in press conferences and treat the media like they’re subhuman.  We dealt with it when he was winning, but that shit doesn’t fly when you’re getting your teeth kicked in every week.  It’s time to move on.




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