BoriRock continues to create his own wave in the Boston music scene with the release of ‘Hoot Gospel’

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Teflon Hoot, El Hooto, Hootie Teflon, the Puerto Rican Jay-Z.  Whatever you want to call him, Dorchester native BoriRock is curating one of the fastest-growing movements in New England hip-hop.  His adlibs are unmatched, his catchphrases are infectious, and his constant use of local slang like “on dawgs” bring undeniable authenticity to his intricate stories about the Boston street life.

If you’ve been around Boston’s music scene over the past couple years, you’ve probably caught wind of this guy.  There are plenty of hard working artists in New England, but to say anyone is working harder than Bori at the moment would be ill-informed.  His most recent project, Hoot Gospel, was his eighth project since 2020’s Fishscale.  Despite the volume of music he’s been giving us, the quality hasn’t dropped off.

Hoot Gospel consists of nine tracks and includes features from Boston artist FUNERAL Ant Bell as well as TOP HOOTER, Shaykh Hanif, and Dun Dealy, all members of Bori’s FEED THE FAMILY collective:



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