Boston hitmaker Rosewood Bape releases his latest EP ‘Diary of a Playboy’

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There are a lot of talented artists in and around Boston.  The list has become endless.  But out of those hundreds of artists who have proven to be musically savvy, only a select few have the ability to create what would be considered a Billboard “hit”.

Rosewood Bape hasn’t reached the charts quite yet, although he certainly fits in this exclusive category.

The Boston native has been a staple in the local music scene for a few years and he’s spent the last couple really experimenting with different sounds and stretching himself vocally.  Accomplished producer Jon Glass was instrumental in that experimental process when he and Rosewood collaborated on “Not My Fault” back in early 2020.  Jon talked about that studio session during his appearance on Boston’s Big Podcast shortly after the song’s release:

“Super different for both of us.  [Rosewood Bape] is definitely known for a trappier stuff, like the street R&B sound.  And then obviously I think I’m a little more known for some of my boom bap sounds and stuff like that.  And then this is pop.  It was really cool though because we took a lot of 80’s influence and then mixed in some of the new age stuff like The Weeknd.”

Rosewood continued his run of potential smash singles with infectious songs like “Rude”, “Two to Tango”, and “Don’t Forget About Me”.

Three of the aforementioned tracks have landed on his new EP Diary of a Playboy along with four new ones.  The project was produced by Jon Glass along with help from Melks, Thomas “Teeba” Forbes, Josh Schuback, and more.

Aside from making his own high quality bops, Rosewood has also made his way writing for prolific stars like PnB Rock.  When you hear his perfectly executed melodies and smooth voice, it’s not hard to understand why.

Check out the new EP here:



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