Boston Rapper Riggz Is Making Big Moves

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Boston rapper Riggz (formerly Riggz Two Nice) recently moved down to Atlanta in an effort to further his music career.  Since relocating, he’s teamed up with southern rap icon Big K.R.I.T. for a song/video/tour, released an album that features K.R.I.T. and T-Pain, and documented the whole journey in a YouTube series appropriately titled “No Vacations”.

After a few years of putting out quality singles and videos like “Everythang Turnt”, “Song Bout Nothin’”, “Mind Right”, and “Games”, as well as his 2016 album “Business Casual”, the hard-working emcee dropped his EP “Last Day Of November” 11 months ago.  The project was a clear representation of his growth as an artist, and “Different” becoming the soundtrack for a semi-viral dance challenge helped attract some more attention to his work

Here we are almost a year later, and Riggz has taken off.  His album “Adult Swim” came out on October 18th and is most definitely worth the listen.  The lead single “Venmo” was well-received. “Chill” featuring Big K.R.I.T. has already racked up more than 120k Spotify streams and 20k YouTube views.  The “From The South With Love” tour, which also features Rapsody, kicked off this past week in Indianapolis and will be making its way to Boston for a Riggz homecoming in just a few days (11/1).  Grab tickets for that show at the Paradise here:


Riggz’ album “Adult Swim” is available on Spotify and all other platforms:



“Chill” featuring Big K.R.I.T.


The latest from the “No Vacations” series

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