Boston’s Big Podcast: Ant Thomas, Chizz Capo & SkThaGr8

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Time to get you caught up on the last two episodes we’ve released:

Episode 119 w/ Ant Thomas

Ant Thomas is a veteran Boston emcee who made a big comeback in 2022 with the release of his “Privilege Pack” EP.  We talked about the creation of that project, why Boston needs to do a better job of honoring their icons, and why Ant himself is the best basketball player out of every artist in Massachusetts:

Episode 120 w/ Chizz Capo & SkthaGr8

Chizz Capo has been one of the most talked about up-and-comers in the Boston scene for the last couple years.  In 2022 he linked up with producer Skthagr8 to release a six-track EP called “No Pass”, which includes a feature from fellow Boston hitmaker Rosewood Bape.  We talked with them about their career paths that led them to the creation of this project.

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