Boston’s Big Podcast | Episode Marcus Smart (36)

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First things first.  We have microphones now.  Thank you to everyone who stuck with us through our phone recording phase but thankfully those days are over.  The sound quality on this new episode is flawless.

We also introduced a third co-host.  Easty wasn’t present for this episode but new BBP addition Owen Steele made his debut.  He also helped a ton with the recording process and making everything sound crispy.  Andy Robinson allowed us to use his home studio in Medford and also contributed some commentary throughout.

We touched on the Red Sox completely losing sight of the playoffs, Tom Brady’s birthday and contract extension, Owen’s experiences as a vendor at Fenway, my trip to Fenway last week, the Leedz 15-year anniversary show, the Millyz & Friends show, the new POMAGRANITE album, and tons of other great music coming out of New England.  We also played songs from POMAGRANITE, Lord Ju, 99 Neighbors, meetVoutside, and Khary.

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