Boston’s Big Podcast: Tim Nihan, Miles Karter

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We have two new episodes of Boston’s Big Podcast that have dropped in recent weeks.

First, there was Tim Nihan.  Along with AzizTheShake and Jon Glass, Tim is one of three producers responsible for the instrumental behind one of the hottest tracks of 2022.  “London” by BIA featuring     J. Cole.  His journey to this milestone moment saw many peaks and valleys, including putting his rap career (he’s a great rapper btw) on the backburner and shifting his entire focus to production.

Episode 117 ft. Tim Nihan


Miles Karter has grown up around the Boston hip-hop scene, which explains his vast knowledge of its history as well as current happenings.  He’s also a rapper himself and he’s currently working on a new project called “A Mushroom Trip Around The City”.  We talked about this, the Celtics, why he hates shooting music videos, and much more, and his relationship with Boston legend Jefe Replay who has since tragically passed away.  This episode was recorded back in June.

Episode 118 ft. Miles Karter

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