Brad Marchand isn’t concerned about the Bruins’ round robin losses

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If you thought the Bruins’ performance in their four round robin losses was any indication of how they’ll fare in the postseason, Brad Marchand is here to put your worries to rest.

Heading into their first round match-up against the Hurricanes, Marchand has been adamant that what we saw over the last two weeks was nothing more than a glorified preseason:

“Collectively, we just have to improve with each game. With the way it was set up, it’s not like it was the playoffs and it was do-or-die. Obviously, each game [moving forward] means a lot more. The pride and the willingness to do the extra things that maybe we weren’t doing during preseason [will be there],” said Marchand.

“What we’ve gone through the last four games doesn’t mean anything.  Those were preseason games. Let’s call it what it is, those [round robin] games were exhibition games for the playoffs. We were in the same position as other teams and it was hard to have the same mentality as a playoff series.”

Obviously this is great news that the B’s weren’t trying.  If we’re going off of Marchy’s sentiment, we should fully expect them to flip the switch and become a brand new hockey team when they take the ice against Carolina for Game 1 on Tuesday night.  If they don’t show improvements, this mentality will appear misguided and will give critics plenty to talk about over the coming months.  Stay tuned!

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