Chelsea Rapper Stiz Grimey Drops A Strong Sophomore Project

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Stiz Grimey is a rapper from Chelsea, Massachusetts.  He gained some notoriety in 2014 when he released his debut mixtape “Spare Change”, which included a song with Massachusetts hip-hop legend Reks.

Soon after, he was featured in a Boston Globe article in which he opened up about having to overcome drug addiction in order to get his music life back on track.

Stiz’s most recent project, “Locked In The Vault”, is the next step for the 30 year-old lyricist and shows some notable improvement to his successful debut.

The album’s 10 tracks feature some smooth yet grimy (pun intended) beats from Maryland producer J1K of Producers United and sharp, witty, intense lyrics from Stiz Grimey himself.

The album is available to stream on BandCamp and for purchase on iTunes and anywhere else that digital media is sold.

Every song is worth listening to but these are my five favorites:


1. Intro

Playing to the theme of the album’s title, the intro as well as various other tracks include soundbites from the 1957 movie “Time Lock” which tells a story of a boy getting locked in a vault at a bank.  Stiz also plays it up in his opening line, proclaiming that he’s the one locked in the vault:

“Shit, I’ve been stuck in this vault for like a week straight/Bout to launch a fuckin assault, when’s my release date?”

He closes the track out by alerting everyone who’s listening that they will be locked in the vault with him for the remainder of the album.  If that isn’t an attention grabber then I don’t know what is:

“No discussions when I talk, they come to a halt quickly/For the next 60 minutes you stuck in this vault with me”


2. Jump At

This track consists of a nice, smooth beat accompanied with some exceptional lyricism and flow.  The hook draws inspiration from Jay-Z and Jermaine Dupri’s 1998 hit “Money Ain’t A Thang”.

You can feel the hunger in Stiz’s lyrics but also the sense of accomplishment in leaving behind his troubled past and starting a new life for himself:

“I go hard like I’ve got somethin to prove/Down to my last pair of shoes I’ve got nothin to lose/But it’s cool, cause today I’m optimistic/Think back I didn’t have a pot to piss in”


3. Raw Ish ft. Moroney & Grover

“Raw Ish” features a rugged verse from Quincy emcee and battle rapper Moroney as well as Brockton’s own Grover, who’s known for “Grover’s Weekly Rap Up” on the Howard Stern show.  Stiz Grimey also comes through with a great verse of his own:


4. FBA (FuckBoyAwards)

Stiz pokes fun at rappers and people in general who fabricate their lives in an effort to sound cool rather than just being themselves.  This might be my favorite song on the album just because of how hilariously accurate it is.  We all know someone like this:

“Man I swear these cats deserve some type of award ’cause they fake it so well/Act tough on their Facebook knowing they stay shook and think we can’t tell/Talkin bout how you drivin in a Benz homie we just saw you ridin the bus/Stay frontin like you on, dawg, you ain’t gotta lie to us”


5. Maybe ft. Evan Black

Switching things up a bit, this is a laid back party song and is definitely worth a spin at your next social gathering that involves alcohol and whatever else you’re into.  It also features a verse from Boston rapper Evan Black:


The official Locked in the Vault release party/concert will take place this Friday, May 6th at the Middle East in Cambridge.  Stiz Grimey is of course headlining and the show will also feature performances from Moroney and SuperSTah Snuk as well as an appearance from former Boston Bruin Lyndon Byers.

If that’s not enough to convince you then maybe this hysterical promo video will help:


You can buy tickets for the event here:



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