C’s, B’s, Pats, and Sox

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Well there has been a lot of news for all of our teams as of late and I don’t hate it.  The Celtics make their last ditch effort to make the playoffs.  The Bruins are winning game after game to hold the eight seed.  The Patriots are losing big names and picking up mediocre ones.  And the Red Sox are… well not much has happened lately but they did smoke the Yankees in spring training and that always gets me giddy.

First thing is first, the Bruins have won three straight and are looking pretty solid in the eight seed but they are even creeping up on the Capitals.  I don’t know who I would rather play right now, the Canadiens or the Rangers, but we have beaten them before and can do it again.  Kreiji needs to be healthy by playoff time and I will throw on my B’s sweater and be a happy man.  Tonight they play Tampa Bay which is the three seed and it will be a good test to see if we are ready for the playoff pressure as a team. 

The Celtics are still a couple games out of the playoffs but I actually love what I’m seeing from the squad.  Avery Bradley (a very average fantasy player on my team) has been producing lately and I love to see him stepping up as a guard and facilitator.  I almost felt bad for Brad Stevens when all his preliminary scorers were traded away but he has taken this rag tag group and made something of them.  Can’t wait to see the off-season moves because Ainge has stockpiled picks and actually gotten a few great players. I can’t say enough about Isaiah Thomas because he is now our closer.  He’s not afraid to take big shots and I always root for the little guys.  (Why Stephen Curry is my favorite player) Marcus Smart may be shooting about 30% from everywhere lately but he is young guy still learning.  Last night he had an incredible go ahead bucket (and one) against the Grizzlies to help seal the win.  Following a win against the Heat, this C’s team is starting to play together and catching teams on their heels.

Does money make you this happy Darrelle?

By now we all know Darrelle Revis is a Jet and I can’t hate him for taking the money.  Enjoy the ring Revis because you have just guaranteed yourself no more Super Bowl parties. Revis’ thought prossess: “Hmmm, either I could stay in New England and make a a little less money with the greatest quarterback in all the land, and probably get another ring to ensure a spot in the Hall of Fame, orrrr I could go to the Jets who do have a quarterback I think? Well at least I’ll be rich enough to forget all my New York worries as the Pats take the AFC east again.”  The Patriots did resign a few important role players and that is McCourty and Blount.  We do need to address our secondary though.  Either we need to resign Browner and teach him how to not draw a penalty on every play, or we need to restructure our defensive system which Bill and Matt Patricia are not afraid to do.

Go Sox!!!!

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