Danny Ainge decides to be a buzzkill

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“Rajon Rondo participated in a full-contact practice Saturday for the first time since undergoing knee surgery nearly 11 months ago, meaning the Celtics’ All-Star point guard is one step closer to returning.

But Rondo will not make his season debut this month — and January isn’t a guarantee, either, said Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge.

“I don’t know a timetable,” Ainge said. “None of us do and none of us can. As we can recall from every one of these incidents that have happened from the past few years, it’s all just guessing. So it’s sort of silly to speculate.

“We’ll just take it week by week. He’s stepped it up — and after a few good practices, we’ll see if he can step it up more. But we’ll just take it week by week from here on out.

Ainge added, “I don’t anticipate him playing in any games this month, for sure. I also don’t know if there’s a time in January or a time in February. I really don’t know the answer. A lot of it is going to depend on how he responds to this next phase.”

Boston Globe

One day after the exciting news about a potential Rondo return next month, Danny Ainge tells everyone to pump their brakes.

So let me get this straight. Brad Stevens was quoted yesterday saying that Rondo won’t be back on the court this month.  Great, so what about next month?  Well according to Ainge, the timetable for his return could possibly extend all the way into March.

I’m not sure who to trust here but one thing is clear.  Nobody knows when the fuck Rondo is coming back.  It could be two weeks from now or it could be three months from now.  Until I actually see #9 suit up with my own two eyes, I won’t believe anything I hear.

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