Deflategate Isn’t a Real Thing

At this point, I think it is time for Roger Goodell to close his eyes, spin around, point a finger and fire an NFL official.  That is how this investigation feels at this point.  The drama that ensued immediately after the AFC championship game was a mix of the media and Patriot haters blowing a story out of proportion.  After all the reports about 11 of 12 balls being under-inflated, to only one being 2 PSI below regulation, to the NFL being informed about the balls prior to the game, we are still sitting here waiting for an answer.

The NFL originally said that the issue was discovered mid-game.  Now Colts’ GM Bobby Grigson is saying he warned the NFL before the game. The storyline every Patriot hater wanted was “Brady lies to fans and cheats to win” or “Belichick cheats his way to another Super Bowl”.  Well Goodell? What’s the verdict?  Or are you just going to lie to NFL fans again. “No we didn’t have the hotel footage”.  “No we didn’t know of the deflated ball issue before the game”.  Hey Goodell, why didn’t you just tell the refs to “do their job” like real patriots and maybe they could have made sure the balls were up to regulation.  We are being fed a lot of lies from Goodell and his super secret investigation squad.

I know I shouldn’t be complaining with the best coach-player duo in history and four rings weighing down one arm, but as Brady says, “It’s about honor! It’s about respect!” I literally want Goodell, the Colts, the Ravens, and any other scumbag reporters that tried to tarnish the Patriot name, to schedule a press conference so they can apologize to Bob Kraft and his team.  A few bows and a couple kisses of the ring wouldn’t hurt either.  Sorry for running this league.  Hey Goodell, do your freakin job.

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