Do The Red Sox Have The Best Defensive Outfield In Baseball?

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MLB: Toronto Blue Jays at Boston Red Sox

Brock Holt. Mookie Betts. Jackie Bradley Jr. I haven’t really thought of a killer nickname for these three. Triple Bs? The Brick Wall? Young Guns? Call them what you will but I absolutely love this group and I am praying on Curt Schilling’s bloody sock that none of these guys get hurt for a long period of time.

Brock Holt can play any position. If baseball was like sex, he would be an absolute sexual deviant. He can play all 8 fielding positions and I bet if the Sox are ever up or down by 14, they’ll put his ass on the mound and let him throw some high 70s cheese.

Mookie Betts is the future. He’s a fierce competitor, that everyone raves about. He’s a 25/25 guy in the making. hes fast and has a great arm and in my opinion, one of the best center fielders in the game.

Jackie Bradley is one of the best defensive outfielders in the game. I raved him about him in my last article about his superior ability to read the ball off the bat and his speed and great arm to keep base runners at bay.

Notice how I just say defensive outfielders in the title. Holt is a bingo machine, all he does is get on base. Mookie is becoming a well rounded hitter with every at bat and once it completely clicks, he is going to be one of the best hitters in the whole game. Bradley, um, he tries. He definitely tries but he couldn’t get hits consistently even if they gave him four strikes for a strikeout.

If they had a great hitter in right field then this group would absolutely be one of the best. They don’t have the outfield power hitting like the Pirates, who are just stacked like Ben Affleck in Batman vs. Superman. Cubs did have a great outfield until the unfortunate injury to Kyle Schwarber that will sideline him for the entire season. Astros outfield is pretty good and so is the Nationals. They have this dude Bryce something, I don’t know, I hear he’s alright. Royals outfield could be either amazing or a dud, I don’t think there’s an in between with them.

I believe one of these guys end up with a gold glove at the end of the year. If I had to rank them, I would have Bradley, Mookie, Brock. Bradley is just so damn good defensively, he was born to do this. Mookie has stiff competition in the AL for center field with Adam Jones, Mike Trout and Carlos Gomez patrolling out there. I think it will be hard for Holt if they move him around as the super utility guy to be seriously considered for the left field.

I think these guys are so much fun to watch and I get excited when a ball gets hit to the outfield to see these guys prove what they can do. It can’t be worse than the Bruins defense HAHAHAHAHAHA AM I RIGHT?!! Sorry, just a natural reaction at the moment.


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