Doc Receives Standing Ovation in Return to Garden

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No surprise here. I know there were some people (Bill Simmons) who were unhappy about the way Doc left Boston. Claiming he quit on the team and what-not. Whether or not he quit on this current Celtics roster, what he did for this team and this city over the last decade is remarkable. The bottom line is that he arrived in Boston when the Celtics were pretty much the laughing stock of the Eastern Conference and left with a championship ring. I think he was just so emotionally attached to the KG and Pierce Celtics that he wasn’t ready for a change of scenery in Boston. Besides, it worked out better for us in the end. Thirty-eight year-old Brad Stevens is probably better suited to lead a young team like the one the Celtics have right now, and I haven’t heard any complaints about the work he has done so far.

P.S.  As nice as the ceremony was I feel like they could have used a much better song for the video tribute.  Something less corny.  I’m thinking “Simple Man” by Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I’m not sure why but it just seems like it would have fit.

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