Lynn Rapper Estee Nack Is Finally Getting The Appreciation He Deserves

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Griselda is arguably the biggest group in hip-hop right now.  Their recent success has led to a deal with Shady records as well as co-signs from people like Drake and Alicia Keys, and rightfully so.  Artists who are able to reach the masses while refusing to conform to modern day trends deserve to be celebrated.

Similar to Griselda is Massachusetts’ own Tragic Allies.  Although not as widely known, they’ve been one of the more well-respected hip-hop collectives in New England since their inception over a decade ago.  Based out of Lynn and led by the talents of raw but innovative producers and lyricists, they’ve built a solid foundation through their consistency and originality.  

Last August, Griselda’s Westside Gunn caught wind of Tragic Allies legend Estee Nack and his extensive catalog.  He was immediately drawn to the Dominican emcee’s lyrical prowess and expressed his enthusiasm in a tweet:

Three months later, Estee Nack was invited to be a part of Westside Gunn’s album.  His effort on “Banana Yacht” (which was essentially his own song) earned him one of the top 10 verses of 2019 according to Complex.

This level of recognition has been a long time coming for an artist who’s never stopped working and never stopped improving.  From his early days of rapping in cyphers, to going on tour with Wu-Tang and Killa Priest, to recording an album with Tragedy Khadafi, he remained humble enough to continue honing his craft and evolving as an artist.  His 2015 debut album “14 Forms: The Book of Estee Nack” began the run of dominance that we’re currently witnessing.  “Triple Black Diamonds” in 2016 was a masterpiece that reinforced his abilities while also introducing us to the sounds of fellow Tragic Allies heavy hitter al.divino. 

The amount of quality albums, videos, and singles that Estee Nack released in 2018 and 2019 is unheard of.  The man put out a legendary career’s worth of music over the course of a couple years.   That work ethic combined with his skill-level and his refusal to be anything but genuine is what’s earning him respect from some of the most accomplished figures in hip-hop.  Along with the Westside Gunn collaboration, he also appears on “Scorched Earth” off Vinnie Paz’s new album “As Above so Below”A couple weeks ago, Griselda made their way to Boston for a show at Paradise Rock Club.  Estee Nack came out for “Banana Yacht” and received a hometown welcome:

Estee Nack has reached the point where he can’t be fucked with, he knows it, and the rest of the world is about to recognize it.  In other words, the foundation is set for 2020 to be a huge year.  Most of his music can be found on Bandcamp and you can follow him @EsteeNack on all social media.

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