Even After A Loss, Terrell Suggs Will Always Trash Talk On His Way Back To The Locker Room (VIDEO)

After the Ravens beat the Patriots in the 2012 AFC Championship, Terrell Suggs was seen ripping into the Pats on his way back to the locker room after the game:

Suggs has always been a loud mouth, but I thought he would only pull this type of stuff after a win.  I was wrong.  In an almost identical video (but following a different result), the man they call T-Sizzle had some words for the Patriots after they beat his Ravens 30-20 at Gillette on Monday night:

I understand that Suggs is a competitive guy, but at this point he just seems delusional.  He’s acting like the Ravens’ effort was the reason they were in the game at the end, and not the Patriots’ special teams gift-wrapping them 14 points.  Their defense was hardly anything to brag about, and I hardly remember Suggs’ name being mentioned at all.

And then there’s the whole, “they better hope they don’t see us again” thing, which is pretty much an empty threat at this point considering that Baltimore has a slim chance to make the playoffs.

Win or lose, Terrell Suggs will never stop running his mouth.


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