Fred Hoiberg Was Not Amused By Reporters’ Questions After Game 5 (VIDEO)

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After the Celtics won game 4 on Sunday, Bulls’ coach Fred Hoiberg called out Isaiah Thomas’ dribbling, saying officials should pay more attention to IT carrying the ball:

“Let me say this, Isaiah Thomas is a hell of a player,” Hoiberg said. “An unbelievable competitor — he’s a warrior, everything he’s going through right now. He had a hell of a game tonight. But when you’re allowed to discontinue your dribble on every possession, he is impossible to guard. He’s impossible to guard when you’re able to put your hand underneath the ball and take two or three steps and put it back down. It’s impossible to guard him in those situations.”

Hoiberg received a lot of backlash for these comments, and deservedly so.  It seemed awfully weak to nitpick at the way Thomas dribbles the basketball rather than say the Bulls just need to do a better job of stopping him.  Regardless of what you think about Thomas’ dribbling, it came off as an excuse.

Well after the C’s won their third in a row Wednesday night to take a 3-2 series lead, Hoiberg was inevitably met with more questions about IT’s dribbling.  He wasn’t having it:

Sorry Fred but you brought this on yourself.  You make a stupid comment, you deal with the consequences.  He might as well not even show up to his press conference after the Celtics finish off the series on Friday.


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