Friday Night Was One Of The Most Emotional Nights In Sports History

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It’s been an emotionally draining week for everyone, and Friday night it was capped off with one of the most heart wrenching ceremonies you’ll ever see.

The tribute was beautiful.  Everything about it.  There wasn’t a dry eye in the Staples Center, and that was likely the case in every living room, bar, basement, bedroom, and wherever else the game was being viewed on television.  There was just no way to keep it together when hearing his voice and seeing the clips of him and GiGi.  

As much as I love to hate LeBron, his speech was incredible.  Disregarding the script and speaking from the heart was a great move.  And how anyone was able to play a basketball game after all that is beyond me.

The scene outside the arena was just as touching, as fans have been filing in all week to add to what has become a massive shrine dedicated to the Laker legend.

Here’s the full ceremony, which took nearly a half hour:

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