Here Are The Best Highlights From The Red Sox’ World Series Celebration (So Far)

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When it comes to celebrations, Boston’s 11 championships since 2002 have brought about some timeless memories.  Tom Brady’s awkward dancing, Manny Ramirez trolling the Yankees with his “Jeter is golfing” sign, Paul Pierce throwing up, Brad Marchand and Tyler Seguin dancing on a bar, Mike Napoli ripping shots of fireball and wandering the streets of Boston shirtless with a cigarette in his mouth, Gronk chugging beers on the duck boats.

The 2018 Red Sox have been in full party mode since Chris Sale embarrassed Manny Machado on Sunday night, and today they get to party with the fans who have supported them the whole way.

Plenty more celebration footage will surface in the next few hours, but here’s the best so far:

The Final Out

Chris Sale acknowledging Sox fans before heading to the clubhouse


J.D. Martinez jumping into a tub of Bud Lights


Rick Porcello jumping into a tub of Bud Lights (naked)

Brock Holt and his teammates on the plane back to Boston, listening to the new Red Sox Anthem by Jamn 94.5’s Maverik

Mookie was loving it


Shoutout to Eduardo Rodriguez for being the DJ in these next few videos.  Great song choices.

The Sox bumping “California Love” by Tupac in the clubhouse at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles

We Are The Champions

The best possible way to respond to Aaron Judge playing “New York, New York” at Fenway after Game 2 of the ALDS was to win the World Series and then play it in the clubhouse


Sox fans went wild to “Mo Bamba” by Sheck Wes


Full postgame celebration

More to come.  Enjoy it, Boston.  These great times won’t last forever.  Even though it kinda feels like they will at this point.


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