Home Plate Umpire Ron Kulpa Hands The Red Sox A Loss In New York (VIDEO)

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When folks attend a Red Sox-Yankees game, they get the privilege of experiencing one of the greatest rivalries in the history of sports.  They come to the ballpark knowing that there’s a good chance they’ll witness history in some way, shape, or form.

Friday night was no exception, as fans at Yankee stadium were treated to one of the worst performances by a home plate umpire in the history of baseball.

Ron Kulpa was missing calls all night.  Punching guys out on pitches that were well below the knees.  But just when you thought he couldn’t screw up any more, he had his worst moment during the biggest at-bat of the game.  Top of the ninth, bases loaded, Sox down 3-2, Papi at the plate:


The worst part is that he clearly let his emotions get in the way after Ortiz reacted to the first pitch that was a foot out of the zone.  He was going to ring up Papi on that last pitch no matter where it was.  The result is two ejections and hopefully Ron Kulpa never umpiring a Major League Baseball game again.


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Photo Credit: Adam Hunger/USA Today via nydailynews.com

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