Hush Harding Puts His Creativity On Full Display In Latest Music Video

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Hush Harding has been a staple in the New England hip-hop scene for some time now.  Dating back to his early days as Rage617, the South Shore native has made his mark as an emcee, graphic designer, videographer, producer, promoter, and all-around hustler.  You name it, he can do it.

Hush’s music videos in particular have been an excellent representation of his creativity over the years.  From turning himself into a Simpsons character in “Get D’Oh”, to recruiting a couple kids to play a young Hush and D. White slanging candy in “On Dawgs”, he’s always looking for new ways to push the envelope and do something that hasn’t been done.

For his most recent release, “DUMB”, he executes the ultimate troll job with a depiction of viral Instagram prankster Boonk and his infamous appearance on Adam22’s “No Jumper” podcast.  Aside from poking fun at that particular incident, the song and video are a reflection of today’s mainstream hip-hop and the way ignorance is often glorified.  Even more genius (pun intended) is the irony of the annotations.  Check it out:

Hush and his crew “No Muzzle Entertainment” (featuring Donnell White and Mic Ross) are constantly releasing new music, and his latest album “Hush” is available on all platforms.  No Muzzle has also recently started their own battle league which has begun to gain traction thanks to a couple epic showdowns at Maggy’s Lounge in Quincy.  Follow @hushharding on all social media to keep up with the madness.

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