In a strange turn of events, Bill Belichick apologizes to the media for being ‘short’ with them

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After 20-plus years of watching Bill Belichick coach the Patriots, we all know what to expect at this point.  He doesn’t even say much after a good performance, so trying to get him speak following a loss is like trying to win a Super Bowl with your number two corner on the bench.

There’s no level of remorse when it comes to Belichick’s postgame press conferences.  He doesn’t want to be there, he hates being asked questions, and he doesn’t care that it’s your job to do so.  The whole “do your job” mantra doesn’t apply to reporters.  Bill wishes they would all collectively stop doing their jobs and leave him the hell alone.

Until Monday, when the 69 year-old displayed a level of humility that most of us didn’t know he was capable of reaching.  After Saturday’s loss to the Colts, Belichick was extremely brief and uninformative in his postgame press conference, even by his standards.  Then he opened Monday’s media session with this uncharacteristic apology:

The only logical explanation here is that Linda told him to do this.  “It’s not your fault” isn’t a statement that Bill Belichick has ever felt the need to express to the media.  Nothing that happens on the football field has even been their fault, but that never stopped him from scoffing at them in the past.  This is a completely new Bill and I can’t say I hate it.

If a reporter asks a stupid question, which they often do, then you can berate them.  The issue with Belichick is that he treats them like an idiot no matter what they ask, so he just comes off as an asshole.  This could be the start of him trying to change that, which would be nice.

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