Isaiah Thomas Is Doing Something That Hasn’t Been Done Since Michael Jordan

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I think it’s officially time for everyone to stop saying that the Celtics don’t have a superstar.

Isaiah Thomas is not just an All-Star.  He’s doing things that no other player (let alone a 5’9″ point guard) in today’s game, including Steph Curry, has been able to accomplish.

The last time IT committed a turnover was in a 100-95 victory against the Jazz on February 29th.  In the three games since then, he’s averaging 29.7 points per game on 58% shooting including 52.9% from three to go along with his ever-important zero turnover average.

Isaiah has remarkably gone more than 100 straight possessions without a turnover, which is almost unheard of for a ball handler.

If you don’t think that type of efficiency makes him a superstar, here’s an even more impressive stat that actually is unheard of for a point guard:

Thomas’ lowest point total in the last three games is 27, making him the first player since Michael Jordan to score 27+ points and commit zero turnovers in three straight games.

When the shortest current player in the NBA is doing things that haven’t been done since the Greatest of All-Time, that’s when you know you’re witnessing something special.

I think it’s time to give Isaiah his dues and put him in the superstar category.  Let’s stop looking at all of the limitations that come with being short and just focus on the fact that limitations don’t apply to this guy.  He just defies the odds night after night.

The people who think he’s limited by his height are the same people who thought he deserved to be the final pick in the NBA Draft.  We all know how wrong they were, so don’t be like them.


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