Isaiah Thomas Wants To Arrange A Meeting With Tom Brady

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Isaiah Thomas may never be in the discussion for greatest of all-time, but he does share some similarities with the GOAT himself, Tom Brady.

Both of them were completely overlooked on draft day when they first came into their respective leagues, and both of them have overcome tremendous odds and become far better players than anyone could have ever anticipated.

While Brady is still playing like he’s in his late 20’s, his days on the football field are obviously numbered at this point.  27 year-old Isaiah on the other hand is just entering his prime, and would love some advice from TB12 on what it takes to lead a team to a championship.

On Tuesday IT said this in a tweet:

I want to sit down and talk to Tom Brady… I need to pick his brain

Here’s what the Celtics’ All-Star had to say when asked about his comments, via WEEI’s Mike Petraglia:

“Sometimes I’m thinking on my drive to the facility, and just thinking about that,” Thomas said after practice Tuesday. “I mean, I’m in his backyard. It would be nice if somebody could make that happen to formally meet him, and like I said, just picking his brain about the road to winning a championship, like what it takes and how to focus in on being great.”

It’s no secret that Tom Brady is pretty great at being great, so I love that Isaiah is looking to him for guidance.  If anything, it speaks to his insanely high level of motivation and drive that has gotten him to where he is today.

When you want to be great, you try to emulate greatness.  And when it comes to taking advice from his elders, IT hasn’t settled for anything less than the best in every sport.  He also talked about having discussions with Kobe Bryant and his good friend Floyd Mayweather, who does know a thing or two about winning despite being an insufferable human being outside of the boxing ring:

“I got the chance to talk to Kobe. I’m real good friends with Floyd Mayweather so I get to pick guys’ like that’s brain. I just would like to sit down and actually meet him and also just pick his brain about winning championships, and how he goes about his day, how he prepares. I like his preparation to everything. I like to pick guys’ brains, especially the best in the business.”

Adding Brady to that list would complete a trifecta that includes three of the greatest champions in sports history filling our beloved 5’9″ point guard’s brain with useful information that could help him to eventually lead the green back to the promised land.


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