It’s That Time Of Year Again: Patriots Hype Videos Have Taken Over The Internet

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The Patriots take on the Texans at Gillette on Saturday with a trip to their sixth consecutive AFC Championship on the line.  As usual, the finest videographers in Pats Nation have gotten right to work to provide us with all the visuals we need to get fired up for another postseason.

On Thursday, a fellow by the name of Spencer Weeks made some noise when he put together this gem on YouTube:

On Friday, we were blessed with two more pump-up videos.  First, a Pats fan who goes by the name @HawaiianGronk on Twitter pieced together his own.  It begins with a dynamite quote from “War For The Planet of the Apes”:

And of course, Tom Brady himself had to get in on the action.  TB12 has been a legend on Facebook for a few years now, but he recently joined the Instagram game.  It’s safe to say he’s made the most of his account thus far with this Bruce Lee-inspired motivational video:


If you want to run through a wall after watching these, you’re not alone.  I don’t think the Patriots need any added motivation to beat the Texans, but if they all watch these videos then I guarantee Jimmy Garappolo will play the entire fourth quarter.


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