Jonas Jerebko Places Scalabrine Among Celtics All-Time Greats

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Celtics forward Jonas Jerebko recently sat down for an interview with the legendary Brian Scalabrine to talk about his time in Boston so far.  When asked about his emotions and what was going through his mind when he was dealt to Boston from Detroit at the deadline last year, Jerebko spoke on the excitement he felt to be joining such a legendary franchise.

“The Celtics are the Celtics”, Jerebko said to Scal, “growing up you see Larry Bird, you know, KG and all those guys when they won…”

It was at this awkward moment that Jerebko remembered that Scal was actually on that team with KG that won and was actually one of “those guys” that Jonas was referring to.  He made his best attempt to save himself by letting out an uncomfortable chuckle, quickly uttering “you” in reference to Scal, and smoothly continuing to praise the Celtics organization.

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Though it was subtle, when all was said and done Jonas Jerebko had mentioned Brian Scalabrine among Larry Bird and Kevin Garnett as a reason why the Celtics are one of the most respected and successful franchises in sports history.  Chances are this statement wasn’t intentional and he was just covering his ass for forgetting that Scal even played basketball, but nonetheless is it makes for great blog material.  So thanks Jonas Jerebko.  And I agree, the White Mamba is indeed one of the best to ever grace the parquet floor.

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