Joyner Lucas Finishes A Huge 2017 With Arguably The Music Video Of The Year

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In September of 2016, Joyner Lucas signed the biggest record contract ever for a New England hip-hop artist.

Numerous viral videos, headlining international tours, and endless press coverage every time he drops something new.  The stats don’t lie.  Ever since Along Came Joyner came out in April of 2015, the Worcester native has been the most dominant hip-hop artist in New England and one of the best the entire genre has to offer.

His deep storytelling and conceptual tracks accompanied with detailed visuals have set him apart.  First there was “Ross Capicchioni”, then “Backwords”, then “Long Way”.  All of those videos have exceeded a million views on YouTube.  Next thing you knew, Joyner was appearing in a BET Cypher and receiving cosigns from guys like Snoop Dogg and Busta Rhymes.

He followed up his sudden success with a few more groundbreaking videos including “Happy Birthday” and “I’m Sorry”, a heartbreaking track which brings light to the effects of suicide from multiple perspectives.  It’s his most successful release yet with over 15 million YouTube views and counting.

Joyner started this year with a couple more huge videos (“Ultrasound” and “Just Like You”) before absolutely slaughtering Future’s “Mask Off” and then releasing 508-507-2209his first full project since Along Came Joyner.

To wrap up 2017, he’s dropped what might be the best music video of the year.  And that includes all genres.  It’s called “I’m Not Racist” and I won’t say any more about it because it speaks for itself:

Less than 24 hours after being released, the video has already reached 10 million views on Facebook and 300,000 on YouTube.


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