Justin Clancy Continues To Evolve With New Single

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Dating back to the release of “TV Dinner” in 2017, Justin Clancy’s music has followed a common theme.  Growth.  Part of growing is staying true to yourself, and for Justin this meant making the music that feeds his soul despite fear of how it might be received.

Three years later, the decision to follow his heart and his intuition has paid off immensely.  He’s now a full-time musician living in Los Angeles, creating whatever feels right and trusting that his rapidly-growing, loyal fan base will love and embrace it.  

This brings us to his newest single that came out on Wednesday.  

“Changes” is Justin’s biggest creative leap of faith to date, and it’s safe to say he stuck the landing.  The thoughtfulness and self-reflection are on par with some of his recent music, but he’s taken his sound to a different level and it’s beautiful.  There’s no rapping, just singing.  And I mean real singing.  The falsetto in the first verse displays a vocal range that will open up a whole new world of musical opportunity for an artist who seems to never stop finding ways to progress.

With each release, Clancy becomes more and more difficult to place in a box.  From being a rapper, to getting nominated for “Pop Artist of the Year” at the Boston Music Awards, to releasing one of the best R&B tracks you’ll hear in 2020, he’s clearly taking full advantage of his creative freedom.  As a result, he’s giving us timeless art that deserves to be recognized and appreciated on a global scale.  

“Changes” is produced by Nox Beatz with guitar provided by Charlie Chronopoulos.  It can be found on all streaming platforms.  

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