Justin Clancy’s New Single “IOU” Has “Hit” Written All Over It

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In this era of social media, it’s beneficial for any brand to consistently produce content in order to keep the attention of their followers.  But when you’re a musician and you create an album as good as Justin Clancy’s “The Color Blue”, it’s almost more important to give it a few months to ride out.

Clancy’s music life has been far from boring since the release of that debut project last June.  He’s packed numerous venues and lived out the dream of watching crowds of people sing his lyrics word for word.  He even got a spot on the final Warped Tour and wrapped up 2018 by rocking the stage at the House of Blues in Boston.  Until this past Tuesday, though, he hadn’t put out any songs in 2019.  So he changed that in a BIG way.

The videos for his singles “TV Dinner”, “Bottom Line”, and “Work In Progress” combined with the success of his Boston Music Award nominated debut laid the foundation for the 24 year-old from Peabody to begin his all-out push to musical stardom.  With his new track “IOU”, he’s managed to achieve the sound of a Billboard hit while also preserving his authenticity.  It’s the perfect blend of confidence and humility, as he fully embraces his current struggle by maintaining complete faith in his process.  Not to mention it’s EXTREMELY catchy.

When you look at the growth Justin has shown over the last few years, there’s no reason to doubt that he’ll be graduating from ramen to lobster and steak in the near future.  Now all he needs is for this video to get the attention and respect that it deserves, so share away.  The song is an absolute smash and should be on everybody’s summer playlist:


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