Kevin Garnett, Paul Pierce, And Rajon Rondo Are Hanging Out Just Like Old Times (PHOTOS)

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Kevin Garnett just joined Instagram three months ago and if you’re not following him yet then you should probably change that.  He’s posted a variation of current pictures and quality throwbacks, including some from his days with the Celtics.

First there was this shot of KG and some of the 2012-2013 C’s:


Then there was him and The Truth on the golf course:


KG and Rondo during Garnett’s time with Brooklyn:


The ultimate throwback.  KG and Pierce when they were 15:


Two Minnesota legends who eventually made their way to New England:


Throwback to the Big Four.  To be honest I’m surprised KG would post a picture with Ray Allen.  I wonder if they’ve re-exchanged phone numbers:


We all know how much he loves Gino:


And most recently, Garnett posted a current picture with two of his best friends who he built a legacy with in Boston (Ray Allen not included).  Great to see these guys hanging out just like old times.  Also a little nostalgic:


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