Klay Thompson’s comments will make him an easy target for Celtics fans on Friday

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You know how I know Klay Thompson has never played in front of a truly passionate crowd in the NBA Finals?  If he was familiar with this level of trash talking and heckling, he would understand that whining about it will only make it worse.

Draymond Green was the primary punching bag for the C’s in Game 3.  But with these postgame comments about the hostility of the Garden faithful, Klay Thompson can expect a barrage of expletive-filled insults on Friday night:


Draymond swearing in front of his son within a few minutes of Klay Thompson was perfect comedic timing.  What’s even funnier is that Klay is trying to stand on some sort of moral high ground when he made these comments a few years ago:


It’s all fake.  You can’t actually be that offended or surprised by some swear words on the road during the most important basketball games this city has seen in 12 years.  I’m not buying it.  What isn’t fake is his lack of experience in dealing with this level of aggression from an opposing fan base.  As Paul Pierce said, this isn’t Toronto or Cleveland:


If Klay thought Game 3 was bad, just wait until he faces that same crowd on a Friday night after he essentially called them classless.  It’s about to get ugly.



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