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Lateb & Oblivious Ring in 2019 the W.O.K.E Way

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“How long before we’re all computers? Integrated, artificial intelligence make your pistol irrelevant, we too busy takin’ selfies to see the devil developin’,” Oblivious kicks off the newest record from his duo with Heddshotts’ emcee Lateb, together they are known as W.O.K.E, by digging deep into the ideas of government control and the hold that social media has over a large majority of the population. Their newest video release is a remix of Eminem’s record “The Ringer,” and features the two emcees showing off their lyricism- but more than that this record challenges listeners to really look into their own views on certain aspects of society and what is happening to it as technology and government continue to feed their own appetites for power and control. Lateb jumps in with a melodic hook, then challenges listeners and “the youth to vote, so they can choose and hope to rebuke the old, and move the boat. We can shift the tide ‘cuz they been hypnotized that we can’t make a difference in this big divide.” These bars emphatically challenge all of us as CITIZENS to stand up for what we believe in- because there is a way to make a change in this world- and it does not have to be one revolutionary person; instead of the ways that media can portray society falling apart and dividing, we can come together and push for the change that society really needs, or in the words of Lateb above, “shift the tide.” The video for their newest single is shot and edited by the multi-talented Rose Glen Entertainment, who has also been a staple in the New England hip-hop scene as are Oblivious, Lateb, and Jon Glass. Rose Glen, whose visual and audio talents far exceed just music videos, takes this one to a different level through his visual editing and having key lyrics pop up throughout the video. You can follow Rose Glen on all social media platforms at Rose Glen Entertainment.

Though their history as peers and friends goes much further, Oblivious (of Quincy, MA) and Lateb (originally from Hartford, CT) joined forces last year to create the group W.O.K.E; embarking on a project with the one and only Jon Glass to give us an incredible, self-titled project that is scheduled for a Spring release. The first single, entitled “Up, Up and Away,” dropped at the end of the 2018 summer and features M-Dot. The high-energy record produced by Jon Glass and IV the Polymath saw an immediate reaction spanning the ears, as well as high energy performances at the Hip-Hop Kemp Festival in the Czech Republic in August when Lateb & M-Dot hit the stage, then again at the Boston Freedom Rally in September when all three emcees hit the main stage that you can see in the link below, brought to you once again by the incredible Rose Glen and the folks at Talking Seaweed. As in their newest video, you can see Oblivious rocking a Colin Kaepernick jersey while on stage, showing support for the free agent quarterback’s stand against police brutality across the country. Check out Talking Seaweed’s recap of this year’s past Hempfest, including the lead single, “Up, Up and Away,” as well as highlights of M-Dot, Oblivious and Lateb tearing up the main stage on Boston Common below!

The duo continues to expand their following as well as their horizons, as they prepare to embark on a European tour of their own from the end of January until the early days of March; the tour encapsulates their ambition, as they will travel and share their message throughout Denmark, Switzerland, Hungary, the Czech Republic, and more! Their inspirations range from Jedi Mind Tricks (not to mention Lateb’s collaboration with Vinnie Paz- or did I just do that?), to Jessie Reyez, to Oblivious’ own father (a country singer/ songwriter), Stone Temple Pilots, EPMD, Arrested Development, Black Thought, and many more. You can hear the influences on each artist, going back to Lateb’s “Live Brutal” album with Stu Bangas, to Oblivious’ “East Shit” Tapes (Vols. 1 & 2), all the way through to their newest venture as W.O.K.E. The plethora of sounds, melodies, hard-hitting punchlines, unique flows, and song meanings brought by each artist throughout their catalogs is truly fascinating and worth every second of listening.

Photo by Rose Glen Entertainment

As the duo continues moving forward and taking down all obstacles in their paths, they are also huge supporters of moving the hip-hop culture forward- whether that be hitting Wreckshop’s shows at Opus, or simply just pushing the agenda of the talent that Massachusetts and New England has entirely. These two have become key contributors to the entire region’s scene as they look to push New England further into the hip-hop scene, as Token and Joyner Lucas have over the past few years. Be sure to be on the lookout for much more coming from this incredibly talented duo, as well as appearing this weekend on Boston’s Big Podcast, where we will be getting even more in-depth with Oblivious and Lateb!

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