LeBron James Flops After Getting Hit By His Own Teammate (VIDEOS)

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LeBron James has been widely regarded as the King of Flop in the NBA for quite some time now, but he took things to another level Saturday night in game three of the Eastern Conference Finals when his own teammate Tristan Thompson caught him with a forearm in the middle of a scuffle.

Bron Bron clearly thought that it was a Raptor who hit him so he reacted the way he normally would by collapsing to the floor in an effort to sell a foul to the refs:


What’s even worse is that the ref bought it and hit DeMarre Carroll with a technical, thinking that he was the one who knocked LeBron on his ass:


It seems like every time I want to start liking LeBron, something like this happens to remind me why I can’t stand him.


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