LeBron James Says Tom Brady Can’t Be The Greatest Athlete Of All-Time Because Football Isn’t Hard Enough

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ESPN recently aired a new segment called “The Shop” where LeBron James, Draymond Green, 2 Chainz, Charles Oakley, and some other special guests just hang out in a barber shop and shoot the shit.  Despite the fact that James and Green are my two least favorite players in the NBA, I have to admit I enjoyed their conversations.

That was until the topic of Tom Brady being the “greatest athlete of all-time” was brought up and LeBron just had to get all insecure and basically say that football players can’t be as great as basketball players:


What LeBron is implying is that the NBA is tougher than the NFL and the accomplishments of the greatest basketball players required more hard work than those of Tom Brady.  What an awful take.

There’s no way to determine which sport is the most difficult.  The physical beating that NFL players take more than makes up for the fact that they only play on one side of the ball, so it’s an extremely difficult comparison.

The argument of who’s the greatest athlete of all-time is simply about who is the most dominant in their respective sport.  There’s no need to get into which sport is harder.  Leave it to LeBron to make up this bogus argument so he can protect his fragile ego.


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