LeBron Wants Everyone To Feel Bad For Him

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You’re crazy if you thought I would let LeBron miss two free throws to lose a game and not  berate him in a blog the next day.  In case you missed it, the Cavaliers were trailing to the Rockets by one point last night with 4.2 seconds left to play and Bron Bron at the line for two with a chance to tie the game or give his team the lead.  Here’s what he did:


Perfect.  Hating on LeBron is a pastime of mine so I was absolutely ecstatic when I heard that this happened.  I couldn’t wait to rip him apart and talk about how he’ll never measure up to the greats because he folds under pressure.  How Michael Jordan never averaged one point in the fourth quarter of an NBA Finals series.  How Larry Bird or Kobe Bryant would never pass up the last shot or blame t-shirt jerseys on a bad shooting performance.  How Magic Johnson would never leave an NBA Finals game with cramps.  How I would still rather have Paul Pierce take the last shot for me.  I also never miss a chance to mention that the refs helped him through the playoffs in 2012 en route to his first ring and that the Celtics should have been in the Finals that year.  Or that the league babies him and gives him every call but he still whines when things don’t go his way.

That’s only the tip of the iceberg.  Anyone who knows me knows that I could go on for hours about why I don’t like or respect LeBron James and I think he’s an embarrassment to humanity.  So when he missed those two free throws I couldn’t wait to bring up all of those past events and once again expose him for the fraud that he is.  Then, just when I thought he couldn’t be any more of a joke, he took to Instagram after the game and gave me and every other self-respecting sports fan yet another reason to dislike him.


So many things to talk about here.  Let’s start with the picture itself.  Is that not the most pathetic frown you’ve ever seen?  No one feels bad for you dude.  I’m positive that the millions of average joes who follow you on Instagram aren’t gonna waste their time grieving with a multi million dollar prima donna because he missed a couple free throws in a regular season game.

Now the caption.  Right off the bat that first sentence makes absolutely no sense but I understand what he was trying to say.  Regardless, it sounds like a caption on a high school girl’s Facebook profile picture.  How soft can you be, Bron Bron?  The most annoying part about this and pretty much anything that LeBron does is that he’s constantly searching for validation.  How can someone with so much money and talent be so insecure?  He can’t just lose a game, get over it, and then go back to work.  First has to make sure everyone knows that he’s getting over it and going back to work because he’s a dedicated professional who never gives up on his goals.  Real legends don’t have to try to convince people of how dedicated they are.  They just go about their business and let their game show how hard they’ve been working.  Obviously Instagram didn’t exist in the 80’s and 90’s but there is absolutely zero chance that Bird or MJ would have been posting sad selfies after losses.  Man up Bron Bron.

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