Look back at Tommy Heinsohn’s most memorable moments as a broadcaster

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Tommy Heinsohn impacted Celtics fans of all ages.  He’s the only person to be involved with the organization for all 17 of their championships.  As if being a title-winning player and coach wasn’t enough, Tommy spent the last 30-plus years of his life becoming one of the greatest color analysts in all of sports.  His passion for hustle plays, his unwavering bias, and his disdain for NBA referees endeared him to the city of Boston.  It felt like we all knew him, and we basically did.  If you’re a Celtics fan, his voice had a constant presence in your household for more than three decades.

Watching the C’s without Tommy’s unfiltered, enthusiastic, and highly informative takes will take years of getting used to.  The experience of watching the green will never be the same.  It will always feel like something is missing, because something is.  That’s just a reality that we have to embrace.

Now is the time to celebrate the life and legacy of the ultimate Celtic homer.  Take a look at this 20 minute compilation of his most memorable moments alongside Mike Gorman:

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