Maine Rapper Spose Gave A Phenomenal Commencement Speech At His Old High School

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If you follow hip-hop closely, there’s a chance you’ve heard of Spose.  If you follow New England hip-hop, you should probably know who he is.  And if you follow Boston’s Big Four, you’re mostly likely familiar with him by now.

The Maine rapper has spent the last eight years making a living as a professional musician following the success of “I’m Awesome” back in 2010, a song making fun of all the bragging that we so often hear in mainstream hip-hop

Much like he did on that track, Spose has taken a unique approach to his music career.  He’s always finding new and innovative ways to share his story and make himself known.

Last year, the self-proclaimed “King of Maine” became the first artist ever to release an album inside of a game.  His app “The King Of Maine” contains a game that fans could play in order to unlock songs before the album came out.  That album, “Good Luck With Your Life”, dropped in May of 2017 but you can still play the app.

His next album came a few months later and was recorded in 24 hours.  Spose invited numerous emcees and producers to a studio so they could craft all of their rhymes and beats from scratch within one day.  Another groundbreaking concept, and it resulted in another great album.  That one is called “Humans”.

Although he said he wasn’t going to release any music in 2018, he gave us another gem with the “Going Home EP” last month.

Succeeding as a professional rapper from Maine is certainly a long shot, and Spose’s career has been built off of believing in himself when no one else would.  So it makes sense that last week he was invited to deliver the commencement speech at his old high school in Wells, where he preached that exact concept.

The inspirational and informative speech is about 20 minutes long and is worth every second of your attention.  Check it out here:

Helpful words for people of any age, but especially someone entering or already experiencing their twenties.  And of course he wrapped it up with a “go Celtics”.

Check out all of Spose’s music on YouTube or just about any streaming platform.  He’s not currently on tour but his next scheduled performance is at SPACE in Portland, Maine on July 21st.


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