Marcus Smart Suspended One Game For Trying To Punch Matt Bonner In The Balls

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Marcus Smart has been suspended for tonight’s game against the Pistons following his ejection against the Spurs on Friday night.  Smart was tossed from the game for deliberately punching attempting to punch Matt Bonner in the nuts, although he claims it was entirely incidental.  You be the judge:

Okay that was definitely intentional, but I need to make one thing clear.  Anyone saying that Marcus Smart punched Matt Bonner in the balls either doesn’t have balls or has never been punched in them.  Bonner barely even reacted.  He just stood there for a couple seconds before he realized that he should probably get in Smart’s face and start talking shit to him because of what Smart had attempted to do to him.  Now it certainly looks like Marcus made some pretty solid contact on the replay, but with the force that he was swinging his fist Bonner would have dropped to the floor as soon as he connected.  The only explanation I can come up with is that Matt Bonner has such a tiny dick that Smart somehow missed, but I’m not about to start disrespecting the best basketball player to ever come out of the great state of New Hampshire.

Regardless, this isn’t the first time Marcus Smart has let his emotions get the best of him on the basketball court.  I’m sure everyone remembers this episode during his final year at Oklahoma State:


The Celtics were hoping he would leave those anger issues behind when he entered the NBA.  Minus a couple minor incidents he’s been pretty tame so far, but this is unacceptable for many reasons.  First of all, everyone knows there’s an unwritten rule that you never hit or attempt to hit a man in his junk no matter the situation.  Apparently Marcus never got that memo.  It also bothers me that he won’t own up to it.  Everyone saw what you did and there’s nothing you can hide from at this point.  Just own up to it, apologize to your teammates and the fans, and move on.

The worst part of the suspension is that it couldn’t have come at a worse time for the C’s.  Since Isaiah has been out, Smart has stepped into the starting lineup and he’s been able to produce consistently, having some of his best games as a pro.  You would have hoped that he could have recognized the risk of leaving his team shorthanded in the middle of a playoff push, but I guess he hasn’t reached that level of maturity yet.  It would be nice if he could get there soon because his talent and leadership are undeniable and I look for him to be one of the staples of this franchise for years to come if he can just try to maintain a level head.

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  1. Trying to punch somebody in the nuts is weak. Bonner’s a good guy and a native New Englander. Lost some respect for Smart on this one. Hopefully, he’ll grow up over the next few years.

    The Bard

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