meetVoutside & Tha Village Put Together The Party Of The Summer In Just Three Days

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What happens when you give four creative minds a three-day window to assemble a concert?  The answer is one of the best parties of the year. 

We’ve covered Boston rapper meetVoutside numerous times and have touched on the strength and dedication of his team, Tha Villagers.  Well those traits were on full display this past week. 

Deven Davies (@serdevos on IG) has a house with three decks and an incredible view.  Tim Griff (@griff_the_guru22) is described by MVO as “Tha Village guru always curating the vibes.”  Mozado (@mozadomusic) is another supremely talented and driven Boston artist.  Together, the four of them were able come up with an idea for a show/party on July 3rd, recruit a couple more performers, spread the word, split the cost, and execute the event perfectly in about 72 hours.

The house is in North Weymouth, and for those of you who might not be familiar with the South Shore, July 3rd in North Weymouth is its own holiday.  Often referred to as “N-Dub Day”, the town’s annual firework display has become much more than your typical Independence Day celebration.  It’s one giant party, and hosting an event like this in the middle of it proved to be a genius proposition.  The additional performers were Tre Michaels (@tr3michaels) and CD Rose (@cd.rose), both from a collective known as WeGDaw (run by @cash.nova).  Mass Music’s Shlomo (@shlomobowe) was added as the DJ.  There was also catering provided by Providence-based Cuff’s Counter (@cuffscounter), who has mastered the art of the chicken sandwich.

Every artist killed their performance.  The energy was incredible.  CD Rose kicked things off as the sun was setting, Tre Michaels joined her for their new track “Jordan” before jumping into his own songs.  His single “Safe” got everyone hype:

When people started to line the streets for the fireworks around 9 pm, Shlomo did a great job of playing to the crowd. The entire neighborhood recited “Sweet Caroline” among other “family-friendly” classics.  When everyone cleared out and went back to their respective barbecues, the performances continued.

Mozado was awesome.  After playing a big role in setting up the sound earlier in the evening, he made sure to keep the positive vibes going with his popular single “Hellacopters” and the highly anticipated but yet to be released “Vertebrae” and “LaLaLaLa”:

meetVoutside started his set with crowd favorites like “Aspen” and “Wasted” with Tre Michaels before getting into some new music from his upcoming project ‘What Day Is It?’.  The reception for those new tracks was everything he could’ve asked for.  Here he is performing “Monday”:

Like that one, every offering on MVO’s upcoming project is named after a day of the week.  He’s been rapping his ass off and putting his soul into this work of art, and he’ll be blessing our ears with the finished product shortly.  Stay tuned.  

As for the show, there will be more of those to come as well.  Follow everyone’s IG in this article to stay in the mix.  Trust me, you won’t want to miss out again.  


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