Multiple Patriots Speak Out Against Colts Fans Who Booed Andrew Luck

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Andrew Luck shocked the NFL world on Saturday night when the 29 year-old Pro Bowl quarterback abruptly announced his retirement from the NFL.  But if you look at his list of injuries over his six-year career, it should reduce the shock-factor quite a bit:

Apparently “fans” of the Indianapolis Colts, who have presumably followed Luck’s career closer than anyone else, had no idea that these injuries occurred.  Either that or they chose to ignore the constant mental and physical battle that this guy was fighting just to stay on the field for their own entertainment and viewing pleasure.

Luck was booed after Saturday night’s preseason game while exiting the field at Lucas Oil Stadium for the final time.  He could be seen mouthing the words “oh come on” as the the boos rained down and admitted in his post-game press conference that he was hurt by the reaction.

As they should, numerous NFL players came to Luck’s defense on social media.  Patriots Devin McCourty, James White, and Kyle Van Noy were among those who spoke out:

I know there were a lot of fans who didn’t boo.  Those are the people who aren’t self-absorbed losers.  I was just surprised at the amount of losers that I did hear.  It’s not like Andrew Luck doesn’t have a passion for the game and a drive to win, it’s just that the passion begins to dissipate when you find yourself questioning whether or not the sacrifice is worth it.  The Colts gave him nothing to work with.  He never had a supporting cast that was worthy of a Super Bowl run.  The one time he went to the AFC Championship, his defense allowed 45 points.  Is he supposed to wait around and let his body get mangled so he can pop painkillers all the way to a title in his mid-30’s?  Or should the Stanford grad who has already made millions before 30 try a different career path that will preserve his physical and mental well-being?  It’s really not a hard question.

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