Nate Robinson Wants To Play In The NFL

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Although he only played for the Celtics for one year, Boston fans will never forget Nate Robinson.  He was a fan favorite due to his fun but fiery attitude and he provided us with some memorable moments during that 2010 Finals run.

And, of course, who could forget the numerous pranks he pulled on Shaq during the 2010-2011 season?

But as has been the case with all seven teams that he’s played for since his four and a half year stint with the Knicks to start his career, his time in Boston was short-lived.

Nate is the definition of an NBA journeyman, and for years there was always a team that was interested in what he could bring to the table.  That run appears to have come to an end, as no team has shown any interest in the 5’9″, three-time Slam Dunk Champion since he was waived from the Pelicans in October.

Apparently his time away from basketball has inspired him to pursue other options, as Robinson recently announced in a YouTube video that he’d like to try his chances in the NFL:

He’s obviously an incredible athlete and an incredible football player, although he admits he hasn’t played in 11 or 12 years.  When he did play, he was a standout in the state of Washington.  Here are some of his highlights from high school:

He last played as a freshman at the University of Washington and Rick Neuheisel, his coach during that time, had this to say about Nate’s newest goal:

“In my mind, I’ve seen one athlete that can do this,” Neuheisel says.”And that’s Nate Robinson.”

There’s no question that Nate Robinson is the type of guy who’s been ignoring doubters and overcoming odds all his life.  No one ever though he would make it as far as he did in the NBA and no one in their right mind would have guessed that a guy of his height would be the first to win three Slam Dunk Contests.

But out of all of his outstanding achievements, making it as a 5’9″ 32 year-old in the NFL after not playing since he was 20 would be the most impressive and improbable by far.


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