New Album: Shawn Mics – “Another Day In Paradise”

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Hailing from Weymouth, Mass, Shawn Mics released his first mixtape back in 2012 and has been grinding ever since.  Last year he gave us his “Hotel Complacency: No Vacancy” and this past week he followed it up with his latest offering, “Another Day In Paradise”.

The album title is a reference to the phrase “another day in paradise”, which is often used sarcastically in the workplace.  The project is split up into three sections: Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with the vibe of the music reflecting the work day that each song represents.

After announcing the project on September 23rd, the South Shore emcee released the visuals for the lead single “Feel Right” a few days later.  The video was shot and directed by ToxiexSmxke, takes place on a boat in Boston Harbor and is clearly part of the more laid-back “Friday” section of the album:

On first listen, my favorite tracks were “Another Cloudy Wednesday” and “Last Days”.  Come to find out, those were the first and last songs that Shawn wrote for the project.  But if you asked him what his favorite is he’d tell you “You’re The Star”, a song that’s dedicated to his parents.  

We hadn’t heard much from Shawn Mics this year until a couple weeks ago, but there’s no doubt he was working.  Check out the new album on your platform of choice and follow him @shawnmicsofficial_ on Instagram and @TheEmceeQuigs on Twitter.

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