New England’s Best Albums Of August

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We thought June and July were hectic, but that was just the warm-up.  New England musicians continued their summer takeover into August with what was easily the best month of the year in terms of quality releases.  POMAGRANITE started things off on the first of the month with an exceptional sophomore offering, Oompa and Cousin Stizz dropped their highly-anticipated albums within four days of each other, Clairo gave us her long-awaited debut while touring with Khalid, Estee Nack and al.divino continued to rap circles around just about everybody, and Chase Murphy provided us with more intoxicating flows and melodies.

New Hampshire producer Ochophono (formerly known as 8-Bza) released a project featuring New England emcees Akrobatik, Bugout, Time of Time & Lepp, ILL By Instinct, Mr. Lif, Codenine of Tragic Allies, Cody Pope, and many more.  meetVoutside led Tha Village through every day of the week on “What Day Is It?”.  Just before appearing on Food Network’s “America’s Worst Cooks”, Waltham native Oak Lonetree teamed up with Framingham’s King Author and for the release of OAKINGADZ, and album produced entirely by EGADZ.  These are just some of the notable projects that came to light in the last few weeks.  Here’s the complete list:


“Cleo” – Oompa

“Trying To Find My Next Thrill” – Cousin Stizz


“What Day Is It” – meetVoutside

“Immunity” – Clairo

“You Are Simply Magnificent” – Juice

“Long Winters” – Chase Murphy

“Renaissance” – Estee Nack & RLX

“OAKINGADZ” – King Author, Oak Lonetree, EGADZ

“Catalyze” – Dionysia

“doubledutch” – plainfacedgirl

“Field Notes, Vol. 2” – The Ghost of Paul Revere

“Bobby’s Boom Bap Recital” – Ochophono

“Legacy” – al.divino & RLX

“Gorgeous Indifference” – The Missouri Pacific

“The Impeccable Nobody” – Raw Deff

“Sidney Gish on Audiotree Live” – Sidney Gish

“Safer Off” – Lilith

“Long Fuse Burning” – Magen Tracy & The Missed Connections

“Views From The Dick” – Og Swaggerdick

“Amateur Rockstar 2” – Knasty

“Letters To Self” – Eva Davenport

“AUGU$ST2ND” – Alejandro Blanco

“Late Night Functions” – S-Ko

“Where Are We Going?” – Friday Life

“The Album In Blue” – Dezmond Dane

“Fuck Jiles” – Jiles

“Planted Seeds” – Nowaah The Flood & Estee Nack

“Bruisable Heart” – Matt York

“Breakup Season” – Future Teens

“Sans Soleil” – Ceschi

“Astronomy Major” – Jovian Martian/Rhodymajor

“GLO Way” – SOP Litty Boi & Glocho

“Pressure” – Jay Sumthin



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