Patriots Are Favorites To Win The Super Bowl Despite Brady Suspension

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Roger Goodell has done everything in his power to make sure that Tom Brady serves his punishment for allegedly having knowledge of someone leaking a little air out of footballs.  He’s fought this thing to the death to the point where it looks like TB12 is going to have to give the rest of the NFL a four game head start before he comes back and tears the league up worse than we’ve ever seen before.

What the commish hasn’t accomplished is dethroning the Patriots as the biggest threats to win Super Bowl 51.  Even without the GOAT on the field for the first four weeks of the season, betting odds released by WestGate Las Vegas SuperBook say that the Pats are favored 6-1 to hoist the Lombardi trophy next February after grabbing it from the hands of a bitter Goodell.

The Seahawks, Packers, and Steelers are next up as they’re all tied at 8-1.  The Panthers are at 9-1, and no other team besides the ones mentioned is better than 14-1.

Normally I don’t get too caught up in odds but it’s great to hear that the Pats are still the most respected team in the NFL even without their best player.  Makes you feel like like that rat Goodell isn’t really accomplishing as much as he set out to.

Plus I completely agree that the Pats are still on top of the NFL.  The only way I see the suspension ruining their season is if they started off 0-4, and even then I wouldn’t write them off yet.  But they won’t go 0-4 because the first four games of their schedule are a cake walk and Jimmy Garoppolo probably isn’t a terrible quarterback, although I don’t have much of a sample size to back up that claim.

Regardless, they can go 2-2 and be absolutely fine.  They were 2-2 two years ago and went on to win the Super Bowl.  Anything is possible with Bill Belichick at the helm.


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