Paul Pierce And Kevin Garnett Reminiscing On Their Friendship Is A Must-Watch For Celtics Fans (VIDEO)

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Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett’s friendship began long before their days as teammates with the Celtics.  When the two of them were in high school, KG came from South Carolina out to Pierce’s hometown of Inglewood, California for an AAU tournament.

Paul showed Kevin around and they caused some trouble as high school kids typically do, but they had no idea that was the beginning of a lifelong friendship that would come full-circle 20 years later when Garnett came to Boston.

Paul Pierce has been one of the MVP’s of The Players’ Tribune ever since Derek Jeter launched it in 2014, but his most recent contribution might be his best yet.  It’s a short write-up plus a five-minute video documenting his relationship with KG.  The two of them sit together at Pierce’s home in California and reminisce about the old times.

This video is absolute gold for any big Celtics fan or fan of basketball in general.  The NBA will never be the same without these two:

Pierce played the last regular season game of his career on Wednesday and got a nice send-off from Clippers fans.  Whether or not he sees the floor in the playoffs remains to be seen, but the 39 year-old is just about ready to ride off into the sunset.  Then he can hang out with his old buddy KG and make some guest appearances on Area 21.  Enjoy it Truth, you earned it.


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