Paul Pierce Explaining How His Trash Talk With Draymond Green Began Is Absolute Gold (VIDEO)

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In case you missed it, Paul Pierce got into it with the Warriors’ Draymond Green on Thursday night.

The only reason we knew this is because some of Draymond’s comments could be heard on the broadcast of the game, specifically when he tried to dig at Pierce by saying he’s mad that he isn’t getting the farewell tour that Kobe Bryant had in his last season:

Pierce said he couldn’t hear what Draymond was saying at the time, but when he got home later he saw the clip on the social media.  The Truth promptly responded with this tweet:

On ESPN’s NBA Countdown Saturday night, Pierce explained how the beef between he and Draymond began.  As someone who loves Paul Pierce and strongly dislikes Draymond Green, it was everything I could have hoped for.

Paul explains how he got under Green’s skin by saying “You’re not that good.  You’re only good because you’ve got Steph Curry, KD, and Klay Thompson around.  That’s the only reason you get recognition.”

Trash talkers like this are a dying breed in the NBA:

I still think Draymond was out of line with his comments because he has no right to disrespect a first-ballot Hall of Famer who he can only hope to be half as good as by the time he retires.  But when you hear what Pierce said to him first, you can understand why he was bothered.

Classic example of The Truth’s ability to get under an opposing player’s skin.  He may not see the floor anymore, but trash talking is one part of his game that he can still put to use from the bench.


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