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Ranking Julian Edelman’s top 5 playoff moments

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Julian Edelman finishes his career as the second best receiver in NFL postseason history behind only Jerry Rice.  So it’s only right that we reminisce on some of the most memorable moments that helped shape his undeniable legacy as one of the great clutch performers in all of sports.

5. 2015 Divisional Round vs. Chiefs: first game in two months, playing with a plate in his foot, finishes with 100 yards in a narrow victory (1/16/16)


4. The pass to Amendola, 2014 Divisional Round vs. Ravens (1/10/15)


3. Super Bowl 49 vs. Seahawks, including eventual game-winning touchdown (2/1/15)


2. MVP Performance, Super Bowl 53 vs. Rams (2/3/19)


1. The Greatest Catch Of All-Time


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